Response to Attack on Macomb GOP

by Rob Montilla on January 31, 2013

Dear Precinct Delegate,

The convention season does not necessarily bring out the best in us and this season appears to be no exception.

Last week you may have received a letter in the mail from Ann Brown, former Treasurer of the Macomb County Republican Party.  I say “may” as I know this was only sent to a segment of precinct delegates in advance of the convention.  In this letter, Mrs. Brown raises a series of accusations aimed primarily at Ron Babin, current Macomb GOP treasurer, or myself.

While Mr. Babin and I know that as party leaders we need to be able to take heat in the political arena, this attack by Mrs. Brown was more troubling as she attempted to cast a very broad and dark cloud over a number of other individuals as well, including former party chairpersons Jared Maynard and Janice Nearon.  Her accusations are not just basic political darts but items that if left uncorrected could have lasting taint on reputations.  This was a very calculated and deliberate attempt to cast doubt about the new Macomb GOP leadership with activists and donors in advance of the convention.

As a result, this attack warranted a response from Mr. Babin and I.

It is unfortunate that this response is needed as we would much rather focus on the positive ways to build the party.  But there are two primary reasons Mr. Babin and I agreed to participate in this exercise: 1) to prove our commitment to transparency and sharing information with the broader Macomb GOP base; 2) to help eliminate the aura of mistrust that a select group of individuals is trying to foster within the Macomb County Republican Party.

A couple days ago I sent a message to you asking What Kind of Republican Party Do You Want in Macomb County?  I know I do not want a Republican Party where a few select individuals with personal agendas can destroy the foundation for what we need to build in order to beat Democrats.

If you do not care for this type of discourse and would rather just focus on ways to help build the party, then just join us at the county convention on February 7 to help us answer the final leadership questions for this election season.  Or join us at our next Executive Committee meeting on March 7 as we continue to expand the party.

We are committed to success for Republicans in Macomb County in 2014 and we look forward to working with anyone who has the same focus.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Rob Montilla
Chairman, Macomb County Republican Party

Click Here to See the Response to the Attack on the Macomb GOP

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