Who Helped Mitt in Macomb County?

by Rob Montilla on January 29, 2013

2012-11-05_17-46-58_899In a critical Presidential year, there were a variety of ways someone could help the cause to get Mitt Romney elected.   This was generally in the form of participating in phone banking, going door-to-door or both.

The Michigan Republican Party organized numerous Super Saturdays to energize activists on Saturday afternoons in the Fall of 2012 for these efforts.  In addition, many of the local Republican organizations sponsored call nights to bring in activists to the Macomb Victory Center to identify voters and then support Get Out The Vote activities.

The main visual indicator if you were helping the cause by phone banking was to have your name placed on the 100 Caller List or the 1000 Caller List.  This was a badge of honor for many tireless volunteers who donated countless hours.  (sorry, I don’t have photos of these lists but they were a great visual indicator for recognition)

Another indicator was a simple list that showed the names of all the phone banking volunteers and their unique ID number to access the phone banking system.  If you made at least one call that would be tracked back to you, you would have one of these IDs created.

2012-11-05_17-52-35_89 The list of callers two days before the general election.


The photos in this post were taken two days before the general election.  If you were not on the list, you were not able to make calls trackable back to you.  (Click on a photo to enlarge)

Kudos go out to these wonderful activists who gave so much time toward helping Republicans get elected.

2012-11-05_17-53-10_786 Callers with Last Name Starting with A-Li


2012-11-05_17-52-23_931 Callers with Last Name Starting with Li-Z



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