What Kind of Republican Party Do You Want in Macomb County?

by Rob Montilla on January 29, 2013

Dear Precinct Delegate,

Another convention season is approaching with the county convention to be held on February 7. These conventions are for selecting the leadership of the State Party and Congressional Districts.

Many candidates have declared for various offices, their campaigns are in motion and they may be asking for your support. Please consider the candidates carefully because elections also have consequences when electing State and District leaders.

The most important aspect is to ensure the candidates align with the qualities you want in your Republican Party leadership. Look closely at their campaign rhetoric. Are they presenting solutions? Are they describing ways to build the party for success? If incumbents, did election results for Republicans achieve the outcome you hoped?

Any candidate running for Republican Party office must also exemplify the organizational values that we believe are part of the Republican foundation: transparency, personal accountability and following the rule of law. Does the candidate asking for your support demonstrate these values?

The selection of leaders and how we conduct ourselves at convention should be based on a single question: What Kind of Republican Party Do You Want in Macomb County?

The November convention ushered in a new leadership team for the County Party focused on growth through unity. Members of the team were added from many cross-sections of Republicans in the county: old guard, new guard, Tea Party members, Liberty supporters and Conservatives from other interests. We know the only way to have real success in beating Democrats is to build a broad coalition, Ronald Reagan’s vision of a “Big Tent”, and provide a voice and a seat at the table for many.

The new leadership of the County Party is proud of our direction to date. We will be accessible, accountable and will abide by the bylaws that govern us. Join us at our next Executive Committee meeting on January 31 (details at macombgop.com) to hear our continued effort to build the party. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Overall, our success will be defined by our ability to win elections. The individual efforts of many will move us forward with championing Conservative solutions in our county, state and nation. The efforts of a few to support an individual agenda will only serve to put our community in greater peril.

I stand ready to partner with those who want to further the Republican platform. The door is open to anyone willing to help get Republicans elected to office.

Let’s have a successful convention and then join together to make a difference in the next election cycle.

Rob Montilla
Chairman, Macomb County Republican Party

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