Which Macomb County School Districts are Using Financial Best Practices?

by Rob Montilla on November 2, 2011

The FY 2011-2012 state budget called for an approximate cut of $300 per student to the School Aid Fund.  This amounted to a 2.2% reduction from the prior year¹.  However, the budget also provided the districts the ability to recoup $100 per student if the district demonstrates it is following financial best practices.

Local school districts and public school academies meeting 4 of the 5 following financial best practices are eligible to submit for the allocation²:

  • Charge employees at least 10% of the health care premium.
  • Hold policy on medical benefit plans (if directly employed by district).
  • Develop and implement a Service Consolidation Plan.
  • Obtain competitive bids on non-instructional services.
  • Provide a dashboard or report card with specific indicator
The following table shows the status of Macomb County’s 21 public school districts in submitting resolutions that they meet 4 of the 5 best practices (submitted as of October 28, 2011)³:
District Received Resolution Met 4 of 5 Requirements Not Met
Anchor Bay 10/27/2011 Y Didn’t Choose SCP Requirement
Armada Area
Center Line
Chippewa Valley 9/13/2011 Y Didn’t Choose 90/10 employee benefit
Clintondale 10/12/2011 Y Didn’t Choose 90/10 employee benefit
East Detroit
Fraser 9/28/2011 Y Didn’t Choose 90/10 employee benefit
L’Anse Creuse 10/18/2011 Y Didn’t Choose 90/10 employee benefit
Lake Shore
Mt. Clemens Community Schools 10/24/2011 Y Met all Requirements
New Haven 10/17/2011 Y Met all Requirements
Romeo 10/10/2011 Y Didn’t Choose 90/10 employee benefit
Roseville 8/19/2011 Y Didn’t Choose Competitive Bid
South Lake 9/19/2011 Y Met all Requirements
Utica 10/12/2011 Y Didn’t Choose 90/10 employee benefit
Van Dyke
Warren Consolidated
Warren Woods



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